Hi everyone, I hope your week is going to plan*. I’m brain dead. I finished my book (for a given value of finished, it still needs editing) and my mind went on holiday the moment I typed “THE END”. I’m going to take the morning off to stare at the wall and drool, then I have other projects to be going on with…like attempting to draw this week’s bonus comic. I’m going to try and put it up on Thursday, but we’ll see how it goes.

Have you read The Cats of Ulthar? You can check it out for free here if you haven’t.  It’s one of the best Lovecraft stories and a favourite of the man himself.

I wish I had more to say but I’ve got nothing. If my brain comes back online at any point today I’ll…probably end up looking at cat pictures.

In the mean time do you know that Natalie has her own comic up at Over Encumbered?




* Your plan, not someone else’s.