I swear this kitten thing is going somewhere. I’m not 100% sure about where, but by the gods it’s going there.

The end of a big project is weird. My brain has been replaced in its entirety by ground almonds, lost socks and a tony angry gerbil named Ted. Do not question Ted’s presence, the whole system grinds to a halt without him.

I may need more sleep.

Once the book was done I found myself in the strange position of needing to do everything that I had promised people, especially my wife, I would do ‘once the book was done’. This has involved a surprising amount of gardening. I went to a plant store yesterday and I had to be restrained from buying a Trinidad Scorpion chili. I had no intention of eating it, but I wanted to grow some as weapons of war. Strangely they are no longer the hottest chili on earth, that honor goes to the appropriately named Carolina Reaper.

I try not to eat things with the word ‘reaper’ in the name. It’s a philosophy that has served me well.

On a side note we just sent out the first custom tentacle provided as a reward for one of our Patrons who helps keep the comic going through Patreon.  He has been dubbed Nathan, and is an excellent example of his breed*. Behold his magnificence below:



I’m not saying it’s a tentacular Eleventh Doctor, but I will say that the fez is pretty damn cool. Anyone who supports us for ten dollars a month will get their own custom tentacle drawn up from scratch and named as they wish (as well as the other benefits below ten dollars on Patreon). If this is something that might interest you, then click here to check out out page on Patreon.

We’re gearing up to make some t-shirts, I will keep you posted as to how this goes, but it’s a surprisingly involved process. It involves fabric and arcane shipping processes. Someone said I needed to sacrifice a fatted lamb at midnight on a misty moor but I can remember if that was to help keep the ink from running or get us a ten percent discount on XXXS sized shirts.


I can’t think of any other news at this time, but if anyone wants to recommend any new Lovecraftian books/comics/games or other entertainment then please let us know in the comments.


* His breed being digital tentacles that scour the depths of the void.