I can’t even imagine what lurks on page three.

Perhaps it is a howling ever hungry darkness. Eternal. Awful. Aware.

Possibly it’s full of the poems I wrote when I was a teenager. Honestly you might prefer the hungry dark.

I’ve often said that I know time travel will never be possible in my lifetime, at least not for me, because if I could go back I would have gone back to those times and punched myself right in the dick.

I’d try and stop some horrific tragedies too of course, and probably try and do some good in the world, but the dick-punching would be on the agenda.

Things are happening out in the world! Most of them either terrify me or aren’t all that interesting…but there are at least a few things happening that I’m pretty excited about. One, Cassandra Khaw’s book Hammers On Bone is about to come out and, no, I haven’t read it, but eldritch abomination private eye is a concept I can get behind.

Also I’ve continued to listen to Psuedopod in the car on my way to work (there’s nothing like getting to your workday a little scared). I came across this one Inky, Blinky, Pinky, Nyarlathotep which I highly recommend if you like your science fiction with a side of lovecraftian horror.

What else is happening, anything good?


– Andrew