Always have a backup plan. Praying for sweet, merciful death isn’t really a plan, and if Sim had attended any of the optional management courses available at CthulhuCorp, he would know that. In fact it’s lesson three: “Death will not save you.”

Honestly, they’re not all that popular.

I am in an oddly positive frame of mind and I’m not sure why.

I have contracted space plague (which sounds so much more interesting than ‘the flu’ which is in turn more interesting than ‘horrible cold’). I have just had the most stressful few weeks of my entire working life at my day job. I sound very much like Chucky from Rugrats when I try to talk to people.

And yet I’m honestly feeling really good. Positive.

I don’t have any particular reason for being so, especially considering the state of the wider world, but here we are anyway. I hope all of my readers are feeling similarly good, but that you also have a reason to feel that way.

Onto other things:

I have, for once, been able to keep up with some of the announcments of various Lovecraftian entertainments.

Conarium looks fantastic. My computer let out a little sob when I tried to install it and then died, but for people who didn’t purchase their PCs back when dinosaurs roamed the earth, it looks like a game that manages to capture some of essence of Lovecraft’s Beyond the Mountains of Madness. I only have the impressions I’ve gotten from watching other people play, but it looks really good.

The new IT movie is coming. When I was very young and of a nervous disposition I saw the original poster featuring Tim Curry as Pennywise and it was enough to unsettle me for a week.

I only saw the movie a year ago. It was…a lot more unintentionally hilarious than I had expected, but the book’s Lovecraftian still shines through, especially when you see the Deadlights.

I’m not sure what ten year old me would have made of the 2017 version. Possibly blood would have shot out of my nose.


What else is happening out there?


Until next time may your enemies constantly feel like they are about to sneeze, but never be able to.

– Andrew