If you haven’t seen the cat before, his name is Lord Wuzzy, Head of Marketing. He’s partial to belly rubs and murder.

It’s been a weird week Fhtagnauts.

I wrote out some opinion stuff about the US election but I deleted it. Other, smarter people than me are offering better advice than I can give. All I’ll say is this: Look after yourselves and look after (and out for) each other. Stick up for each other.

In other news it’s been just about a year since I got out of chemo. Things were very bad this time last year, all the chemo side effects ramped up at once and instead of feeling free with no more treatments ahead, I just felt sick. Looking back it sort of seems like the whole cancer thing happened to someone else. Right now I’m feeling physically pretty good, and mentally better than I have in a long while.

I’m happy to be alive, and scared about the future. I wish I had more to add but right now I’ve got nothing.

No curse this time.