I’m not sure where things go from here but I strongly suspect mayhem.

I’d apologize for the late comic but lately the comic updates more or less only when the stars are right, so I’m uh…sorry about everything.

I do have a half decent excuse for this week (and this week alone) in that I got a horrible infection in my right leg. Same type of infection that very nearly cost me my left leg a few years ago (as a side note if a surgeon ever looks at your leg and asks you ‘can you wiggle your toes?’ I really hope the answer is yes).

It’s back under control but it does seem that my body is once again failing at its one job, that being keeping me as a whole alive.

Stupid body. Cleary didn’t study for the exam.

In better news there’s some cool Lovecraftian stuff either coming soon or out now. Torment: Tides of Numenera is out now, and it’s stacked full of Lovecraft inspired goodness. Fair warning: it does involve a lot of reading.

There’s also this Call of Cthulhu trailer…which…dang. I have hope that this will be a good one. I’ve been disappointed before but it’s hard not to get hyped about such things.

I read an excellent Lovecraft inspired novel called Carter and Lovecraft by Jonathan L Howard. It’s an interesting take on the mythos, but it’s a very easy read and I slurped it down in two sittings.

Anything else out there I’ve missed? Let me know in the comments.

Until next time may you slowly drain the life force from your enemies and then waste it on a Netflix binge.