You can’t stop the tide.

Dammit I’m out of movie references that apply here.

Writing this comic is weird. Mostly when I write stories I more or less know how I want them to end, but Cthulhu Slippers doesn’t exactly have an end, at least not one I’m sure about. Still, at the very least I know that I drenched the main cast in coffee, and very few people can say that.

I have no idea what’s happening out in the world because things have been very busy in my day job, where I write and voice various things for a set of radio stations. In the same day I was asked to be a sexy cockroach and a sexy French man. The first went all too right while the second went oh so very wrong.

I wish I could play them for you here but I think they come under the whole things people where not meant to know, or at least hear.

If you play the French ad backwards a demon turns up and gives you a long, crusty loaf of bread.

Until next time, may your enemies demon loaves be forever without cheese or butter.

– Andrew