There was going to be a cancer related comic sooner or later. I wish cancer was actually a giant crab, having something concrete to punch in the face would be great. I’m seriously considering getting Natalie to make this into a proper poster. Personally I just like the idea of fighting a giant crab.

The last month has been really bad. I’ve tried to keep things light here but there’s no hiding from the fact that a lot of things went wrong this month (original words on the sketch were going to be ‘fuck cancer’ but that didn’t seem right). To be honest I’m kind of lost at the moment, trying to get my mental balance back. I was going to pretend to be fine, but that doesn’t actually help anyone, especially me.

Between me and my Dad both getting diagnosed with cancer in the same month, and both needing surgery…and both needing chemotherapy after that (Worst. Club. Ever.) it is really starting to feel like some eldritch god has poked it’s head out of its sunken temple and said ‘you know what? Screw those two guys in particular’. There are upsides of course, even amongst all of this. It’s starting to look like Dad and I are both going to survive this, and that was by no means sure even a week ago.

Other stuff:

  • Natalie is going to be at Rose City Comic Con. You should go see her and give her money. Details here.
  • The Lovecraft eZine is still doing good things right here. You should check it out.
  • That’s it. I thought there was more stuff.


– Andrew