Books actually make for excellent close combat weapons. They are still basically wood, and thumping someone with a bit of tree has been a favorite pastime of humanity since before the advent of fire.

I would like to say that I have fully recovered but that would be a cruel and terrible lie. My brain no longer feels like it’s made of rock, now it’s very much more like a turnip. It’s still bad but at least I am once again biological matter.

Post convention time has been weird. It was very much like I was living in another reality for two weeks and in some ways it feel like my trip happened to someone else. I expect I’ll be unpacking things for a while yet.

As I said last week, if you’re a Patreon supporter I want to refund you for the last couple of months. I’ve sent the request through the system but from what I can tell it’s refunding current payments rather than past ones. If you feel you’re due a refund and haven’t gotten one yet, please email me andrew at cthulhuslippers dot com and let me know and I’ll fire you some money through PayPal.

What’s happening out there in the world of Lovecraftian stuff? I’ve been out of the loop. Send me your suggestions!

Until next time may your enemies always have one cold toe.

– Andrew