I have returned.


I would like to say this comic has some metaphorical relation to the horror show that is world politics, but honestly I wrote this one because I think throwing cultists around is funny.

I had another lot of surgery a couple of weeks ago to stop bits of me from falling through other bits of me. It was a very strange experience, although I was given quite a few painkillers so I’m not 100% sure why it was strange, just that it was.

I’ve been too out of it to be able to give you many concrete suggestions towards Lovecraftian stuff that’s out there at the moment, although I did watch quite a bit of Netflix while I was laid up and I can highly recommend both The Expanse and Crazyhead.

The Expanse is sort of Lovecraftian, especially as it gets further into the story, although the writers have skipped the feeling of hopelessness that goes with most cosmic horror (don’t get me wrong, things are still messed up, but there is still hope).

Crazyhead is like a British version of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Except the humor is explicitly filthy, the protagonists mostly have no clue what they’re doing (although in fairness the villains are mostly idiots as well) and one of the many things involved in an exorcism is you have to pee on the possessed person.

OK so not really like Buffy at all, but there are demons and wisecracks and severe beatings.


I’m sorry the comic has been so intermittent. I have high hopes things will get better from here…but I’m sure I’ve said that before.

Until next time everyone, may your enemies never be sure if their friends like them or just tolerate them.