Poor Mal. He has so much hope.

Hi everyone, sorry this was posted up a bit late. I managed to catch space plague last week and it’s been difficult to shake. Stupid space plague trying to make my insides my outsides.

I still have space plague. Don’t come to my house.

I was hoping to make this week the start of our Patreon campaign, but space plague hates productivity above all things, so it will be next week. I hope. In defiance of space plague I have launched our Patreon campaign! We could really use the help to keep the comic going, so if you can donate a little something to us each month, it would be much appreciated. Don’t worry though, the comic will always be free.


This week marks the start of season three, and I’m looking forward to unleashing it upon your unsuspecting world,  but until next week I’m going to retreat from the unsuspecting world with a hot lemon drink and glare out of my blanket fort like the worlds biggest angriest hobbit.