Free will can be a right pain in the ass, as most of the time what free will wants you to do is ignore whatever you are meant to be doing and sit on the sofa and eat chips. That’s what my free will wants anyway… clearly the solution is a brain parasite.

Natalie wrote and drew this one, so she deserves all the credit. Also, we made this one into an actual poster if you’re interested, which you can get here.

Life persists in being outrageously busy, if anyone knows the eldritch god that lurks at the center of the universe, could you see if w can get more than a second added to the day? I’m not complaining about the second, but I could really use an hour. Or two. Preferably of daylight.

I’m afraid i don’t have much to report at the moment as I’m flat out with my day job, so until next week everyone may your enemies be trapped in a conversation with a boring person. Forever. 


– Andrew