I actually worried about posting this one, but it’s possibly my favourite comic of ours so far. Poor Nyarlathotep, he tries so hard…

I’ve been a witness to many attempts by senior management teams to ‘get to know’ their workers. To connect with those workers on each worker’s level. Some of those attempts were genuine attempts to make a better workplace, some of them were misguided efforts to get people to do more work for less money…and some of them were the bizarre actions of frothing sociopaths investigating their workforce in the same way that some kids investigate ants with magnifying glasses.

Fortunately the sociopaths didn’t make too many appearances in my working life, at last not in senior management. I think I might have been lucky in that regard. If you have a tale of an epically poor boss or working environment you’d like to share with us please feel free to do so in the comments*. I’m hoping none of your workmates ever wore anyone’s skin but honestly I don;t know if I’d be that surprised if they had.

This week’s Lovecraftian recommendation is twofold: first the excellent novel Declare by Tim Powers**. It’s similar in many ways to the Laundry Files novels by Charles Stross, although Powers doesn’t have Stross’ affinity for office humour or acronyms. It’s a spy thriller, a Lovecraftian cosmic horror story and a surpirsingly sweet love story all rolled into one. The second recommendation is fellow Lovecraft inspired webcomic Lovecraft is Missing. It’s very very different from Cthulhu Slippers, but it’s also really good. If Lovecraftian horror is your thing then I highly recommend you check it out.

* Please bear in mind that the internet is forever, maybe change a few names to protect yourself if you’re going to go hog wild.

** As always if you buy something through Amazon after clicking on a link on Cthulhu Slippers we get a little cut of the proceeds.