You’d never know I had a degree in Communications.

OK, so clearly there hasn’t been a comic in a while. There will be one soon I hope, but Natalie is tied up with a huge project at the moment and I failed to find a replacement (I also am no longer prepared to subject anyone else to my own artwork. That’d just be cruel.) partly because I got caught up with my other other creative thing and went to the USA for two weeks to try and meet some book agents (it went very well, although I have not slept for some time).

Health wise I’ve been pretty good. There was a brief down patch there for a couple of weeks that was thankfully over before I had to do anything on an airplane.

So, here’s the new plan for now. I’m going to refund any Patreon payments for the last two months and get the comic going again asap. I have spent enough time in the eldritch location that is Kansas City Airport that I have seen new and fresh terrible things to write about. There will be more Cthulhu Slippers, I swear it by the old gods.


Thanks for bearing with me everyone. You are all awesome.

– Andrew