Hi everyone, Natalie is ill and my normal backup person turned out to be a figment of my imagination, so this week’s strip is brought to you by…me and my dreadful art.

It’s been a rough December in a lot of ways, but we’re getting there. Currently there are few problems that wouldn’t be immediately solved by either a lottery win or the apocalypse. Currently the odds are looking a little better on humanity being doomed, but I’m still prepared to buy a ticket.

I went to a mall today to make a last minute sacrifice of my sanity and it reminded me of Terry Practhett’s description of ‘The Maul’ in one of his novels*, where he surmises that shopping malls are a kind of eldritch abomination that feed on their customers’ time.

He was not wrong.

I wish I had more to say for this week but the only word that comes to mind is ‘buh’.

Until next week, may your enemies be forever trapped in a food court.


– Andrew

* I couldn’t find out which one, if anyone knows please tell me in the comments.