Happy New Year!

Welcome back to the ongoing saga of the stress brick, where Mal heroically tries to explain why anyone would pay for one brick and everyone else tries heroically to get as far away from Mal as possible.

My book is finished, edited, edited again after I got proper editorial feedback and is now ready to be sent out to agents and publishers. Does anyone know how many virgins I need to sacrifice to get an agent? Google is unclear on the matter.

Speaking of stories I have a free Lovecraftian story called Song in the Dark in December’s Lovecraft Ezine, which you can read here if you would like.

I read a really good Lovecraftian horror novel over the holidays, called Bird Box by Josh Malerman (which you can buy by clicking on the link). It’s a very scary take on a particular part of Lovecraft’s mythos; what if something you saw could drive you terribly, terribly insane. It’s well written, quickly paced novel with some truly scary moments, particularly towards the end. If you’re in the market for it, I highly recommend you give it a shot.

I also read Revival by Stephen King. It’s a strange book, almost two books mashed together, one about a musician’s terrible childhood and his descent into addiction (not to mention the rock and roll scene he’s involved in) and the other a very bleak horror tale that reads like a mashup of Mary Shelley, H.P Lovecraft and Cormac McCarthy*. I enjoyed the last third of the book far more than the first two thirds, but if you’re a fan of King’s or you want a different take on cosmic horror then definitely give it a shot.

How about you? Did you read/consume any good Lovecraftian fiction/art (including games of course) over the holidays? Did you leave out cookies for the judgmental man in the red suit? Let us know in the comments!


* When I say bleak, I mean BLEAK. Lovecraft would have been proud.