The idea of CthulhuCorp’s failed product line never ceases to amuse me. There’s almost limitless scope for insanity….and then I go and look at real products actually out there in the world and I thing my squid based post apocalyptic comic corporation has the less insane items for sale. Admittedly you’re unlikely to be able to purchase anything that’s got a shoggoth in it in the real world, but in a universe where humanity comes up with these there seems to be little hope for mankind. Yes that’s a buttflap for dog. Yes it does appear to be a real product. No I don’t think your cat wants one either.

In other news I just got around to reading the novel Declare by Tim Powers. It’s an excellent example of a book that’s Lovecraftian without actually being part of the mythos. In the same vein is the excellent game The Last Door.  I think these types of story, where Lovecraft is referenced or in some way alluded to without being outright stated, make for some of my favourite horror experiences. How do you like your horror? Let me know in the comments!