Sometimes I almost feel sorry for the Necronomicon.


I am very slowly coming right again. I have regrown just enough hair that it looks like it might have been a poor stylistic choice rather than the result of a life threatening illness. The one bane of my existence is phantom nut pain (one of the commenters here warned me about it…I listened, but I should have listened harder). It seems unfair to walk around feeling like I’ve been booted in a testicle that no longer exists, but it’s still far better than being dead.

As I’m coming right, I’m having to think about the future, something I haven’t dared do for the last four months…at least not properly. I wish I could outline some grand plans for 2016 but my list of New Year’s resolutions had to include ‘don’t get attacked by birdlife’ because it seemed like an achievable goal*. I am planning on getting the comic back to being once per week as soon as possible but I didn’t make it a resolution because my track record with resolutions has been…uh…let’s say poor and leave it at that.

I haven’t been in a good mental state for reading or viewing much in the way of Lovecraftian fiction of late, but I’m getting back into it. Does anyone have any recommendations or anything Lovecraftian that’s coming out soon? If so, let me know in the comments.

In the mean time I hope 2016 is treating you well, and your enemies’ underpants are forever too tight.

* I set the same goal for my brother. He didn’t last a day; he got attacked by a flock of seagulls on New Year’s Day**. Last year he was twice attacked by geese. Birds just seems to hate him.

** Not the band.