There’s something about Dagon’s expression in that middle panel that makes me laugh. I love the idea of a rampaging beast having second thoughts in the face of a horde of flying rats.

Dagon was the first one of Lovecraft’s creations that I came across, even before Cthulhu. I read The Shadow Over Innsmouth almost by accident as I’d picked a book at random while I was waiting at a friend’s house. I can’t remember which collection it was in, but that was all it took to hook me into Lovecraft’s Mythos.  Who doesn’t love inbred human/fishman hybrid people?

I’d love to know which one of Lovecraft’s (or anyone else’s) stories got you into the Mythos. Leave a comment below!

I’d also like to give a shout out to Mike Davis and the Lovecraft Ezine. If you haven’t seen the Lovecraft Ezine and you feel like a dose of tentacular horror then I can highly recommend it, it’s really well produced and puts out some excellent new fiction that follows Lovecraft’s themes.


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