Sadly the knowledge Sim has attained is that vicious bitey things from other dimensions rarely taste good.

Hi everyone, sorry about the late comic. Existence is harder than it looks. I managed to get myself hospitalized again (thanks to somehow getting a double hernia).

I am OK, but still waiting on surgery. I’m a little wary of hernias since I nearly died of one when I was in my early twenties. I have a vivid memory of a surgeon yelling at a hospital administrator type that she didn’t care if I had insurance or not, she was going to operate on me that day, and if that meant doing the op on her kitchen table then so bet it.

I literally owe her my life.

I do sometimes wonder how many brushes with death I can have until it’s less a brush and more of a head on collision. I’m willing to bet at least one more, but I’m in no hurry to seek it out.

Did you see the Stranger Things Super Bowl trailer? If you like a little eldritch abomination in your day I highly recommend checking it out.

So what’s happening out there (other than the world being on fire)? Anything cool?


Until next time may your enemies forget their anniversaries and be plagued by a deep and abiding sense of guilt that won’t go away.

– Andrew