I feel strangely sorry for the giant Void Fish (that’s totally a thing now), yes it’s a giant supernatural predator, but it was just doing what giant supernatural predators do.

I’ve had another week of trying to bring my life back into some sort of organizational balance, an endeavor that has been met with almost complete failure. If anyone out there knows how to balance a creative career with creative pseudo jobs/hobbies …well you’re far better organized than I am and I want your precious secrets.

Precious, precious secrets.

I often think about the intersection of biological life and technology. Not so much in terms of cyborgs (although those are pretty darn cool) but more in terms of animals that can do things naturally that we can only do with science, or that in some cases can do things that we hope we’ll be able to do with science one day. I saw the IFLS article about this beetle that produces nano scale light emitting crystals that are of great interest to science and I wondered if the Lovecraftian gods ‘magic’ could easily be bio/science that we tiny mortals don’t really understand. I’m not the first to posit this idea, Charles Stross’s Laundry Files depict magic as being a branch of pure mathematics, and the RPG goes even further into the idea of science and magic being the same thing. One of the coolest ideas I’ve seen was in the RPG, and it was the idea that the Elder Things’ ‘hands’  have finger bundles that subdivide into five all the way down to the molecular scale, meaning they can manipulate cells and DNA by hand.

For a given value of hand anyway.

That’s an amazing idea. I wish I’d thought of it.

Until next time everyone, may your enemies be cursed with the world’s fastest growing nose hair.

– Andrew