It’s been an odd week. My neighbours are currently locked in a battle over a tree. There’s been a lot of shouting.

On the up side we’ve been given a lovely write up on It’s always nice to see the wider world taking an interest in something you’ve done.

I have a book to recommend to everyone too:  14 by Peter Clines.It’s Lovecraft Lite as opposed to being cosmic horror but it’s a lot of fun to read and despite the odd instance of people throwing the idiot ball around I really enjoyed it. As always if you buy it after clicking on a link here we’ll get a little cut of whatever you spend so you support the comic without paying an extra cent.

This comic marks the first appearance of Harvey the Tentacle, advice giver, children’s TV host and Cthulhu Corp Agony Aunt. We hope you like him as much as we do.

I’ll see you next week!


– Andrew