I feel bad for the Cthulhu Corp cleaning crew. Blood really stains.

Hey everyone, Merry Christmas, if Christmas is your thing. May the man in the red suit bless your house and keep you safe*. May your eggnog be free of squid and your bellies be full of food that isn’t trying to eat you back.

Cthulhu Slippers is now a little over a year old. It’s been a very strange year, but I’m truly grateful for everyone that has come by to take a look at our weird little creation. The comic has evolved a lot as we’ve gone, and I hope the next year it evolves even more. I’d like to be able to do two or even three comics a week, but that might be a little while away yet. We’re still keen to be able to get some t-shirts and posters for sale in 2015 and it’s something Natalie and I are working on at the moment. If there’s anything you’d like to see us sell, please let us know in the comments.

This week was going to be our Christmas episode, but that happened last week so this week we’re going to keep going with the storyline. I still don’t know where this brick business is going, but it’s definitely still going there.

Thanks again for reading our comic everyone, you’ve improved my entire year.


– Andrew


* If you want to read a free Lovecraftian Christmas story I wrote one a while ago that was published by BuzzyMag. You can read it here.