A big part of my writing life is figuring out new ways to wreck Mal’s existence. Things are only going to get worse for him, I promise.

I’m still riding the creativity wave and trying to get all of my coherent thoughts down on paper before they become the normal incoherent background babble that is my mind’s soundscape. I have had a few tries at writing truly dark fiction, and I succeeded once, but these days I find jokes creep in at the edges of whatever I’m writing. I’m just going to go with it.

At the same time as I’m making new ideas I’m editing a film script I wrote a while ago. I would very much like someone to give me a million dollars for it, however this seems unlikely at this point in time…at the very least I should send it to someone. Sending things out is surprisingly difficult.

In other, non me related news, there are some pictures coming back from Yuggoth Pluto at the moment that make me very happy. Space itself is the eldritch god of our times: mostly unknowable, horrifyingly dangerous yet utterly indifferent to mankind and our struggles. It requires arcane processes in order to study, and we’re less than ants in comparison to the vastness of outer space.

In an odd way, it makes me happy, although I try not to think about things like Gamma ray bursts too much lest I spend my life hiding under a table (not that hiding would help).

I would be remiss if I didn’t point out both our new store on Society6 and our Patreon page, both of which will convey to you a special kind of awesomeness in exchange for supporting the comic.

Other people will look upon your awesomeness and despair!

Until next time everyone…


– Andrew