This…is probably not going to end well.

Fights between friends are kind of inevitable if you do anything heavier than talk about the weather. Even pop culture disagreements can get ugly. Admittedly most spats are not complicated by tentacle hair, but they do happen.

I’ve never made it a secret that Mal is at least slightly (totally) based on me, in a ‘this idiot is me‘*  sort of way. I even used to have hair that looked an awful lot like Mal’s in that last panel. I didn’t ask Natalie to draw it that way, it just happened. I choose to believe that the ghost of hair gels past inspired her.

Not that I used to be able to strangle people with my hairdo. If I could I think my jiu jitsu career might have been more fruitful.

In other, not hair news, The Lovecraft Ezine is releasing an At The Mountains of Madness TV Show! Gah! Excitement! When Guillermo Del Toro’s movie fell through I thought that was it for a modern madness infused geographical feature based film or TV Show…but I was wrong. All the details are at The Lovecraft Ezine.

I also just finished reading the latest Charles Stross Laundry Files novel The Nightmare Stacks.**  It steps away from the Laundryverse’s regular protagonists Bob and Mo, and instead reintroduces nerdy, nervous and virginal mathematician Alex.

Oh, and he’s a vampire who works for a government department tasked with face punching the Old Ones.

It makes sense in universe. And it’s awesome.

The previous POV characters Bob and Mo have become walking mass effect weapons, and it’s a good move for the series to present a less monstrously powerful point of view character. The humor lands, and while the story takes a slightly different tack in regards to the apocalypse, it fits really well into the series as a whole. I don’t think it’s a great place to start in the Laundry Files, but it wouldn’t be impossible to figure out what was going on if it was your jumping off point either. For the record the best place to start is with The Atrocity Archives.

Until next time everyone, may your enemies smell faintly of elderberries.


*Link goes to TV Tropes. If you follow it I’m not responsible for what happens to your free time.

** That link takes you to Amazon, where you can buy the book and if you do, I will get both a tiny cut of the proceeds and, I’m pretty sure, another black mark upon my soul.