I like to think this weeks comic is one of those important life lessons that doesn’t get covered in schools. In some ways I think the virgin sacrifice model of success achievement might be an improvement on the current human path to corporate glory. At least with the virgin sacrifice model you’d know what terrible and disgusting things the person your corporation worships has done to get where they are. As it is there is quite a lot of guess work as to which crimes the CEO of a major corporation is actually guilty of. Not all CEO’s are sociopathic monsters of course, but right now it’s way to hard to tell the monsters from the normal people who happen to be in positions of power. Under the virgin sacrifice model everyone would know where they stand in the corporate landscape; everybody wins!*

This is the first of two guest comics we have planned while Natalie does ninja things (the inner workings of artists are a mystery to me). The inks are by my friend Mel McCafferty** (her artist Facebook pageis mildly NSFW). I’m immensely grateful for her help as I’m still learning to draw things and any comic I produced without help would make blood run out of your eyes. I’m hoping to one day be good enough to merely give you a nosebleed.


* Except the virgins.

** I’m to blame for the colours.