There are consequences to all things. Usually those consequences are broken bones and sadness rather than a promotion, but the world Mal and co live is not a normal one.

Even in a (relatively) normal workplace human resources is a weird job. I’ve met HR people who were just generally awesome human beings, and I felt sorry that they had to deal with so many difficult work situations. And I’ve met HR people who I’m almost 100% certain were actually very carefully made up giant spiders wearing suits. Them I felt less sorry for.

That is the end of chapter four! It’s been a long weird journey, not just for the Cthulhu Slippers characters, but for me too. I am again really grateful for all the support I’ve received while I poisoned the living crap out of the elder god growing in my body. I’d just like to acknowledge how awesome Natalie is, without her there’d be no Cthulhu Slippers (or there would be, but my art is so bad it’d make you bleed out of your eyeballs – you owe Natalie your eyeballs people). Now that this chapter is done, we are going to take a little break for two weeks or so while I reset my brain, but we shall return!

My health is really starting to come back online properly now, so much so I went to the gym. Now my legs are so sore that I considered just falling down a flight of stairs at work instead of walking down them like a normal human being. It occurs to me if someone attacked me right now all I could do is hobble slowly away, or collapse on them and sweat profusely…

Come to think of it that may be a more effective method of self defense than anything else.

I hope everything is alright with you Fhtagnauts. May your enemies never again be able to match their socks.

Until next time!