Hi everyone. I believe today’s comic speaks for itself, and I have high hopes that that there will be one for next week as well.

Cancer treatment continues. I had a very rough night last, and I had to be admitted to hospital last week with an infection. Let me tell you, an isolation ward at 3am is the last word in creepy. It’s almost dead quiet except for the groaning wind and the low hum of the hospital machinery. There’s a story there somewhere, I just have to prod it out of my brain.

I am very glad to be out of hospital again.

Do you know about the Lovecraftian webcomic Broodhollow by Kris Straub? It’s all kinds of excellent, I highly recommend it.

Oh and I finally got around to making a Fight Cancer poster on Society 6 if anyone would like one. It came about because I imagined that instead of fighting cancer the disease, I’d much rather fight Cancer the giant crab.

So what’s going on out in the world? Anything interesting?