I can’t see this ending well.

Holy Cow (I like to think somewhere there is a bemused but well fluffed and blowdried cow with a halo) have you guys come across the comics series ‘Fatale’ by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips? It’s kind of phenomenal, and very very Lovecraftian. While none of the Mythos names crop up, there are a TON of nods to Lovecraft in Fatale, and the story nicely mixes noir, cosmic horror and action. If you’re into Lovecraftian fiction and graphic novels then I highly recommend it (insert standard warning about adult content here). If you do buy it from Amazon, I get a little cut of your purchase, so I would like to encourage you to partake of some capitalism on my behalf.

There won’t be a comic next week (although if I can I will still do an update). I’m on the countdown to some serious chemotherapy and there’s a lot for me to do. I’m coughing a lot, but thus far that’s the only sign the cancer is doing anything untoward. I look forward to murdering cancer’s face.

Chemotherapy is its own kind of body horror. On the course I’m going to be on you become toxic. Everything you sweat in has to be washed twice. Most body fluids are so toxic you need protective gear. It’s kind of like having a super power…a really gross one. It’s also Lovecraftian in the extreme; cancer isn’t evil, it can’t care about anything, it can’t hate, it just exists and because it exists, it harms us.

Can you tell it’s been on my mind a lot?

My Dad is doing a lot better. He still has to wait to see what his cancer does now the surgeons are done cutting, but it’s looking good still.

The comic might get erratic over the next nine to twelve weeks depending on how low I get. I’ll try and do enough scripts to get us through until then, but it’s tough to write at the moment.

Despite me saying that I’m in a far better headspace than I was. I think I’ve properly gotten my head around everything that’s happening and going to happen, I just need to fight my way through it. I’m unbelievably thankful to everyone who has sent me a kind message and supported me, you are all awesome.

– Andrew