I really feel like this one speaks for itself.

That’s not going to stop me from rambling.

I might be the last person anywhere to find a show called Gravity Falls. On the face of it it’s a Disney Show for children, but by the time it reaches its finale is one of the scariest implementations of Lovecraftian horror I’ve ever seen on television. Being a Disney show there isn’t exactly a lot of blood and guts to it (although there isn’t zero either), but if you’re a person that thinks about the implications of things (I can’t stop thinking about the implications of things – please send help*) it’s terrifying. It’s almost unbelievable how effectively Gravity Falls works as a horror story, even though it’s still a fun, goofy Disney show.

I highly recommend it.

So my question for you this week is: What shows/books/comics seem as if they were made for children but are actually kind of horrific?

As always, thanks for reading everyone. May your enemies’ nose hairs smell strongly of feet.

– Andrew

*I mean muffins. Please send muffins.