Oh toilet humour, you are my one true friend.

It strikes me that being a plumber in the world of Cthulhu Slippers would be a high risk occupation. Chainsaws and shotguns would be standard issue.

Next week both Natalie and I are going to be away from our respective homes, so we’re going to put up a postcard we made for the JoCo Cruise that she’s going on (I’m flying to Wellington, my epic journey is substantially less epic). I hope to do a lot more in the way of that kind of bonus material in the near future.

Did I mention Cthulhu Slippers now has its own Facebook page and that liking that page will protect you from eldritch horrors from beyond spacetime?*


* Any protection you receive from eldritch horrors from beyond spacetime you receive by clicking like on the Cthulhu Slippers Facebook page will be purely coincidental. I’ll be happy you liked the page though, so that’s something.