I have seen some truly abominable things in office refrigerators*. Lo as I looked into the fridge, the fridge also looked into me.

I’m working on a collected page of recommended Lovecraft and Lovecraft inspired works and as it turns out that’s not a small endeavour. If you have anything you’d like me to include (shameless self promotion is OK) then feel free to leave a comment here and I’ll see about putting it in the mix.

We’re going to see about turning today’s strip into a poster and/or fridge magnet so that it can be left as a dire warning on office refrigerators everywhere.

The first of two guest strips will go up next week. It was going to be this week but due to timey wimey wibbly wobbly stuff it’s worked out this way instead. It’s an odd thing to go looking for guest strips; you’re not actually doing anything wrong as such, but there’s this weird air of awkwardness around it, like you’re touting for something illicit but not illegal. No one’s going throw you in jail for soliciting a guest strip, but you wouldn’t tell you neighbours what you were doing.


*Whose decision was it that fridge would have a ‘d’ in it but not refrigerator? Goddammit.