This might be my favorite thing Natalie has drawn for me. She is exceedingly awesome and you should see her site and support her on Patreon.

The comic will continue as normal while I’m on chemo, but the posts might have to be cut down. It’ll depend very much on how much the chemo affects me and I won’t know that until the first few weeks are over and done with.

The list of stuff I need to get pre-chemo keeps growing. I have purchased a variety of silly hats for when my hair falls out, but I think I’m going to go Jason Statham on it and clipper it off before that happens.

I will keep everyone posted here and on Facebook to let you know how I’m going. I have high hopes that in nine weeks this will all be like a bad dream I can wake up from and get on with my life. Thanks for all your support everyone, it means the world to me.


– Andrew