I promised you all a bonus comic…and here it is…sort of.


Truth be told I had a full script, a good script, well thought out…but I can’t draw* and despite knowing that in advance in my hubris I attempted to draw it anyway.


It looked like a lost page of the necronomicon if it had been drawn by psychotic two year old with only one crayon and a burning hatred of all things beautiful. This sound like hyperbole but it’s not. Does anyone know a priest?


However I was quite pleased with the way I got Fhtinder to look, so I thought I’d share that with you all. It will feature in a future episode of Cthulhu Slippers as I’ve sent it on to Natalie, who actually knows how to do art and art related things. I just bash keyboards.

Anyway, I will continue to try to provide extra comics as much as I can, but I reserve the right to protect your sanity…perhaps even your very souls.


* One day, perhaps, but today is not that day.