There lies madness. There lies death. There lie the blog posts about politics people will quote to you as pure, unadulterated fact.

I personally love how dubious the Necronomicon looks in that last panel.

Things are finally looking better, or at the very least more organized. True to form I became more organized when I was faced with a choice between better organization and sudden, painful death.

It was still a surprisingly hard choice. At least after a painful and messy death you won’t be asked to do the dishes again. Not for a week or two at least.

Stupid dishes, slowly gaining intelligence.

Being a lot busier all of a sudden was cutting into my fiction consumption, so I started upping my fiction podcast consumption. Psuedopod is a firm favorite, and I’m finding a lot of really compelling horror stories on there. They’re by no means all Lovecraftian (although some certainly are) but virtually every one of them I’ve found compelling.

A couple to check out if you like the sound of a free short horror fiction podcast of extremely high quality. Psuedopod really is horror though, so consider this your content warning.

The Shopping Cart Apocalypse by Garrett Croker and read by the always awesome Alasdair Stuart. Surely a story about carnivorous shopping carts would be goofy right? Well, it is a little, but it’s also somehow incredibly sinister. Really well written and read.

There Is No Road Through The Wood by Dagny Paul and read by Tatiana Gomberg. This is more straight up horror, but it works incredibly well.

Really all of Psuedopod is worth your time though, so if you get a chance (and don’t mind the odd feeling of deep disquiet) I highly recommend it.

I don’t have all that much in the way of other news. What’s new and interesting out there in the wilds fhtagnaunts? Anything cool? Let me know in the comments.

Until next time may your enemies never again remember the Netflix password, and be unable to reset it.