Poor Nyarlathotep. If you’ve got a busy day of murder, madness and oppression ahead of you, you need your sleep.

I don’t know why but the idea of Mal ripping off his pants before going into battle makes me smile. I think I’m actually twelve years old at heart.

Andrew cancer update: My right nut is gone (I have named the remaining one ‘middley’ as ‘lefty’ no longer seemed appropriate). The procedure and aftermath were pretty horrible, but nowhere near as bad as they might have been. I’ve healed up pretty quickly, and without having to go overboard on the painkillers. It does look like they got all of the cancer that was lurking in my downstairs situation which is great, but it’s come with a downside. It turns out I had a more aggressive than normal kind of cancer, and it was making a serious go at climbing up into my lymph nodes.

This would have been bad. I don’t remember the entire discussion I had with the surgeon, but he used the words ‘incredibly lethal’ to describe it. This means even though all my scans have been clear, I still need chemotherapy, just in case there are mutated cells wandering around my body like drunken hooligans with nail guns. I like to think of this stage in my treatment as the ‘kicking cancer while it’s down’ stage.

I really hope that’s it. I’ve been almost insanely lucky. I’m lucky to have gotten the type of cancer that can be cured. I’m lucky they found the cancer when they did. I’m lucky I got surgery so quickly. I’m lucky that its spread was limited (if we’d waited even a week or two my prognosis would be far less positive). I’m lucky I can get chemotherapy. I’m lucky to have an almost unbelievable amount of support, both in physical space and online.

I’m just plain lucky…and yet I’d still like next month to be better than this one. May September suck less for everyone.

Thank you all for your support, kind comments and patience. I’ll keep you updated as to what’s going on as much as I can.

– Andrew


P.S Natalie is awesome. Just saying.