Mal would be fantastic at many form of meditation.

I have very little news, other than life is a chaotic, often painful, sometimes amazing experience. It might actually be the core thing I get from Lovecraftian fiction, that human existence, much like the old gods, is neither really good or evil, but happens to do a lot of damage just by being.

What I’m saying is that I walk into things a lot and sometimes I break, and sometimes the thing I walked into breaks.

It’s very dramatic and gloomy if you look at it in the abstract.

In the cool light of the real world, I’m a twit who gets a lot of mysterious bruises. And sometimes has to replace objects around my house. Like practically every nerd in the world, I’ve wondered what it would be like to wield superpowers, but if I was throwing around elder god level powers the world would be a smoking ruin withing fifteen minutes.

I would be found at ground zero, clothed in what remained of my pants and wondering what happened.

It would be better for the world if I did not acquire god like powers.


So that’s how I’m doing? How are you?


Until next time (which I hope will be sooner rather than later), may your enemies be plagued by a gigantic ghost rooster that can be heard, but not seen.