Poor Mal, so full of doom.

I’ve been sitting here for at least twenty minutes considering what I wanted to write and I’ve got nothing. You know when a favorite TV show ends and you’re just not quite ready for it to happen?

Yeah, that.

I am 100% aware that there are real problems in the world, and yet for some reason fictional endings always get to me. I still feel sad about the end of Firefly and Parks and Rec (albeit for very different reasons) I wouldn’t like to hazard a guess as to why, although possibly the impressively wide array of head injuries I’ve acquired over the years has something to do with it. Whatever the cause my brain feels like a hollowed out melon rind.

In other, non-brain related news: Charles Stross has a new book coming out in the Laundry Files, called The Nightmare Stacks. I’ve loved every book in the series so far, and if you haven’t read any of them I can highly recommend The Laundry Files as a whole. It’s IT nerd comedy meets spy thriller meets bleak, Lovecraftian nightmare. I wish I’d thought of it first.

Otherwise things continue to be things. Stuff continues to be stuff. I’ll see you next time Fhtagnauts (for the first time I spelled this correctly on the first try…and then had to look it up to make sure I had actually gotten it right). Until then may your enemies never again be able to remember a single password.