Mal has a very low bar for what constitutes a good date.

Things are slowly coming together here. We have at long last launched our Patreon campaign! Patreon is a site that lets you support your favourite artists and creators to do what they do. For us that means that it’s where you can help support the comic in exchange for extra goodies like custom sketches, extra stories, and even your own tentacle (trust me, you want your own tentacle). The comic will always be free, but it’s not free to make, and we’d love your support to not only make the comic as it is now, but to expand on what we can already do. If you’d like to support us in making Cthulhu Slippers and gain the blessings of the old gods then click here to check it out!  Thank you to everyone who has already pledged to help support us, when the Great Old Ones rise, you will be elevated above the massed ranks of the doomed. Bring beer.

I’m elbow deep in edits for my novel, which means almost completely rewriting it. It’s very much like trying to fix a car with your face except you can’t call a mechanic.

I hope the universe is treating you well, and if not, then I hope you are at least taking advantage of its cold indifference to destroy your enemies.

See you next time!


– Andrew