Sometimes all you need is a brick.


It’s been an odd week. There have been a lot of bees.

I should probably explain that.

I woke up last Monday ago to find a bee flying around in my room. I didn’t give it a lot of thought, I just opened the window and let it out. When i stumbled through to the kitchen there was a bumble bee banging itself against the window. It took a while but I eventually managed to trap the bee in a glass and take it outside. When I walked back in there was another bee in the living room. It had flown in when I opened the door to take the other bee out. At this point I had started to wonder if someone had made me king of the bees and just forgotten to mention it.

I let that bee out as well.

There were no more bee incidents until I went to pick up my wife from work. When I walked outside a bee smacked into my face within seconds and then before I could close the door behind me, it flew inside. I left it in there for when I got back.

I got to the car without further incident and had been driving for maybe five minutes when I noticed an odd buzzing sound. There was a bumblebee flying around in the boot. Stopped the car, let the bee out, drove to get wife and drove us both home, at which point I opened the  front door and had the previous bee smack into me as it tried to make its escape.

Two days ago a bee flew into my ear and got stuck.

I have concluded someone is playing an elaborate practical joke on me, possibly the god of all bees.


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Until next time everyone, may your enemies be plagued by so many bees they question their own sanity.


– Andrew