Continuity rears one of its seven heads.

Sorry this one is a bit late folks, it was a hateful computer rather than a printer that held us up. Perhaps it was expressing solidarity with its ink slinging brethren?

Not a lot to report this week other than to say that time continues to march forwards. If someone could figure out how to slow it down a little, that would be great.

I got to play a little of Sunless Sea, a recently released alpha from Failbetter Games. It’s not explicitly Lovecraft based (it’s set in the Fallen London game world) but its themes of insanity, indifferent gods and existential horror are all Lovecraft staples…and I’m pretty sure one of the gods in the game is Cthulhu slumming it. It manages to effectively go between having a light hearted comedic theme and some moments of genuine horror. If gaming is your thing and you’re after a compelling exploration game then I think it’s worth a try. It is in alpha at the moment but I haven;t run across any game breaking bugs yet. Failbetter continues to make improvements as they go so it’s worth keeping an eye out for patches.

That’s all for now. If you know of any new Lovecraftian games or books coming out, let me know in the comments.


– Andrew