Honestly it’s a wonder Kirk made it so long without his nether regions rotting off. I think the flesh monster’s expression in the fourth panel may be one of the greatest and yet most disturbing things I’ve ever seen. Natalie has taken some parts of Nub Shiggurath’s Dark Young and added some components unique to the personal needs of Star Fleet’s greatest vector of sexually transmitted infections. It makes me wonder if Kirk was always intended to be some kind of hairy chested bio-weapon and Star Fleet just let it get out of hand.

Regardless, I’ll bet Bones saw some things. Bad things.

In other news I’m on day one of self-employment at the moment, and while I believe my new boss could be better, I think it’ll probably work out. Mostly I’m focusing on writing at the moment, but part of that is writing the comic and making sure the site runs smoothly. 

I thought this week we’d do a little give away too, especially since this comic is the last of chapter one and I think that deserves some celebration. Nothing says celebration like prizes, so I have two physical copies of Lovecraft Ezine to give away – I’ll pick two commenters at random on Monday next week and I’ll send them a copy. All you have to do to enter is tell me what Lovecraft themed things you’re looking forward to this year. It could be a book, a computer game or an event. Open to anyone and everyone regardless of location or species. Good luck!

***UPDATE: Congratulations Sam and Ian, I’ve emailed you about getting you each a copy of the Ezine.***