You remember that awful motivational poster I did a while ago? No? Great! This is the only version of that comic you will ever need to know about.

For those that do remember, yeah, this is why Natalie does the art…she’s very good at it while I’m more in the “crime against decency” division of comic artists.

A small break in the storyline today, but we shall return to our regular inanity next week. In the meantime I’d like to think this is a comic that speaks to us all about the dangers of overestimating your ability to control gigantic eldritch monsters.

In other news I am incapable of spelling ‘eldritch’ the first time I type it.

We do have a small amount of news, if you’d like a proper printed out poster version of the WORK OR DIE! comic we did, then you can grab one here at Society6. It’s the perfect way to motivate yourself or anyone else to work until their frail mortal bodies collapse into a stinking pile of goo.

Also if you’d like a Wuzzy t-shirt we have those too…

Until next time everyone, may your enemies’ Netflix only ever play the same episode of Friends over and over and over…



P.S Would anyone want a poster version of today’s comic?