Hi everyone*, Natalie is away on the JoCo Cruise and though I’m profoundly jealous, I thought I’d put up the postcard we did for the cruise as this week’s comic.

I’ve been away writing my heart out in Wellington as I’m part of a novel writing course there that’s doing good things for my brain and bad things for my caffeine addiction. I’m starting to see an actual career very slowly coalescing in the future, so I’m feeling pretty darn good about life, the universe and everything.

Things are really starting to shape up for Cthulhu Slipper’s future too. Natalie continues to be an awesome art ninja, we have  Patreon campaign coming together in March this year** and we’re getting more and more visitors each week. In fact we’re getting close to 100,000 hits since we started, not bad for a comic that started only a few months ago. Our Facebook Page is also going really well, and I’d take it as a personal favour if you went there and liked it.



* I need a collective noun for fans of Cthulhu Slippers. I will take any and all suggestions.

** Assuming the stars come right.