I’ve always loved our version of Cthulhu in all his bow tie wearing, cookie eating, generally non-evil glory but a visit to the comic by a more monstrous Cthulhu has been a long time coming.

I am starting a new job next week writing for radio, but that shouldn’t interfere with the comic any more than my life already does. In fact it will mean more financial comfort for me in experimenting with merchandise (your suggestions about posters and mugs have been gratefully received). I am keen to see how having a pseudo-regular* job will affect that way that I see the Cthulhu Slippers universe.

I never thought I’d be looking forward to starting a job, but I am.

One of my friends is building himself a Cthulhu Mythos based Warhammer 40k army. I’m trying to persuade him to make his own blog out of the experience of building, painting and playing the army. If you’d be interested in reading¬†about such a thing leave a note in the comments and I will use your enthusiasm as emotional leverage.

That’s all from me until next week. I need to go and practice putting on pants before my job starts; it’s been a while.



* Writing as a job is never completely ordinary, because the job seems to attract writers.