Let’s be honest, that’s a pretty crappy comic. I apologize unreservedly*. This is why I get Natalie to do the art**. I would like to say that the image you see before you was something I slapped together in haste, but it actually took forever. For some reason (that reason being my cheap tablet, ancient computer and even more ancient edition of photoshop) I was unable to draw a curved line. Everything you see above is very small straight lines on different angles. Where there are curves, my computer briefly caught up to existence, drew a little curvature and then decided that life was something for squishy humans and went back to drawing curves. They say a poor craftsman blames his tools. However I am a terrible craftsman so I would like to blame both my tools and myself.

Season five will start not this coming Monday but the the Monday after. I think I have a permanent artist on hand for between seasons and I shall never again have to inflict my flailing attempts at art upon you. I will keep practicing art, however; one day I hope I will merely be very bad.

I’m still trying to reconcile doing a creative day job with my many, many creative side projects. There is some consolidation going on, which mostly means slashing and burning my way through failed projects and half-baked ideas.

I think it’s going well, I haven’t burst into flames yet.

Cthulhu Slippers will live on though. I will keep writing it, Natalie will keep drawing it, and in general I hope thing will be better. Unless I do catch fire. I don’t think we can discount the possibility of that. A big chink of next season is written and Natalie has made up two t-shirt designs for us to sell. I will uncork them week after next.

May your enemies dreams come true, especially the one of about that man made of scissors***.




* I do like the idea of more motivational posters though.

** For those wondering the drawing depicts an overambitious magician in front of a gigantic eye.

*** I’ve been rereading Pratchett. His ideas are soaking into my mind.

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