Clearly the comic needed its own version of Groot. Blorp is that Groot.*

I wish I had some piece of startling news to report but all I can say is that I really need a nap, and I feel like a blow by blow account of my passing out face forward at my desk probably wouldn’t make for great reading.

There are some interesting things happening in the world of Lovecraftian entertainment:

Bloodborne, for those lucky enough to have a PS4, shows a world that exists somewhere between a story by Lovecraft, a story by Edgar Allen Poe and Dark Souls. It’s not truly Lovecraftian in that while there are massive, unknowable evil gods running around, you get to punch them in the face. That said if you have high failure tolerance and are prepared to go looking for the story then it’s a fun, blood soaked time with some fantastic design around the monsters.

For mobile users there’s The Sons of Uruzime by Tin Man Games¬†which manages to be somewhere between a choose your own adventure game and an RPG.

I’m looking forward to the next Charles Stross book The Annihilation Score. To my tastes no author has blended Lovecraft and the modern world in a more entertaining way than Stross. I’ve enjoyed every Laundry Files novel he’s done so far, and I have high hopes for this one too.

If you want a more immediate fix I now and always recommend the Lovecraft eZine. Mike does an amazing job collecting, collating and promoting Lovecraftian content and it’s all for free on the eZine website.


Until next time everyone…





* There’s a sentence I could never have predicted.

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